Louisville KY Dentist
Louisville KY DENTIST Jack T. Wilson, III, DMD
Before & After Photos


Before After Gingival Recontouring and Anterior Bonding
Before After Full Mouth Reconstruction
involving implants and gum treatment
Before Full porcelain crowns on upper left
(see arrows) front two teeth. Treatment involved orthodontic extrusion due to a severe root fracture
Before Treatment involved 4 veneers on the front 4 upper teeth
Before Treatment consisted of ceramic crowns on the lateral incisors, the blue arrow is patient's natural tooth and the black arrow is on an implant.

Implant supported teeth before being placed in patient's mouth. Treatment involved lower implant supported teeth, resting on 5 implants. These teeth stay in the patients mouth but can be removed by the dentist.
Before All ceramic crowns on upper lateral incisors.
Before After 8 Veneers on the front teeth